Oct 182010
So…What is iStockPhoto?

iStockPhoto.com provides ready-made images for your website, advertising or promotional materials created by their community members. Aside from images you can also purchase vector illustrations, videos, music and sound effects.

How do I get Started with iStockPhoto?

Visit http://iStockPhoto.com. In the search box type in the keyword of the picture, video, music, or vector illustration you are searching for.  Choose the size of the image and pay with the required credits.

What Will it Cost Me?

It depends on the plan and the credit requirement of the image.  An image may cost from 1 to 10 credits depending on the size of the image.  There are three plans available; Pay as you go, Subscription and Corporate Accounts.  For Pay as you go each credit costs USD 0.95, for Subscription each credit costs USD 0.24 and for Corporate Accounts USD 0.29 per credit.

What platform is it available on?

MAC and PC users can access iStockPhoto.com