Easy Time Tracking

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Nov 292010
So…What is Easy Time Tracking?

Easy Time Tracking allows users to track time, manage time sheets, manage invoices, manage your customers project and tasks, track your expenses and generate reports.

How do I get Started with Easy Time Tracking?

Visit http://easytimetracking.net and download the software.

What Will it Cost Me?

There’s a free version available with limited features.  You can get the full version for $49.99.

What platform is it available on?

It is designed for Windows Vista, XP, NT and 2000.

Effectively Track Time and Manage Tasks with LogMyTask

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Jun 212010
So…What is LogMyTask?

LogMyTask is a time tracking software tool that you can use to record what your doing throughout the day. For a small business owner it has two major uses:

  • For You – Enter what you’re working on throughout the day, and see where you are really spending your time. This will help you work more effectively as you become aware of time you are wasting on unproductive tasks.
  • For Your Employees – Get your employees to fill it in so you know what they are up to on a daily basis. This could be especially useful if you employ people who work remotely.
How do I get Started with LogMyTask?
  1. Go to http://logmytask.com
  2. Sign up and register on their website (this takes about a minute).
  3. If you would also like the desktop application click Download and follow the instructions.
What Will it Cost Me?
  • The Basic account is free, and this allows you to create 2 teams with 2 users in each.
  • Currently it is also free for teams of more than 2 as it is still in the testing phase. However, the creator Webyog Inc has plans to charge each user about 99 cents per month.
What platform does it work on?

As it is internet based you can use it with both Mac’s and PCs.