Aug 302010
So…What is is online storage for your video files. It retains the original file format and quality and allows you to share with everyone or restrict viewing by adding privacy settings.

If you are creating screen casts with tools like Jing, Camtasia, iShowU or ScreenFlow then this is a product worth looking into if you plan to share them employees or clients over the web.

How do I get Started with
  1. Go to
  2. You have the option to sign-up for a free account or purchase to the Pro account by clicking Buy Pro.
What Will it Cost Me?
  • If 2GB is enough then chose the free account.
  • The Pro account costs either $9.95 USD per month or $99.95 for a year and gives you 25GB of storage.
What platform is it available on?

As you are uploading files to it does not matter if you’re using a Mac or a PC.

Jul 052010
So…What is Camtasia?

Small businesses are increasingly using videos to train employees, offer customer support and promote their products, and with the growing popularity of information products, the videos are often the actual thing being sold. Videos are an easy way to demonstrate a process, product or an idea as they are both audio and visual making it easier to get a point across.

While there are a variety of products available that do screen capture, Camtasia Studio is an extremely big player in the market.

Creating a video requires 3 steps:

  • Record – Camtasia offers it’s users flexible recording options. You can choose whether to capture full screen, window or by region. You can also add in music tracks or use  a microphone to record your voice, and if you would like to appear in video you can utilize the picture-in-picture function to use your webcam.
  • Edit – Once you’re done recording, you then can polish it up to turn it into a professional quality video.
  • Share – After recording and editing your video, it’s time to export it – it can be saved in a variety of file formats or shared online.

Note that Camtasia for Mac is a newer product than Camtasia Studios (the Windows version) and the features of the two products are not identical.

How do I get Started with Camtasia ?
  1. Go to
  2. Select Free Trail or Buy Now.
  3. You may download the free trial, but the full version is shipped out to you (International orders will take about 4 to 6 weeks), so you may want to download the free trial even if you intend to buy.
What Will it Cost Me?
  • The free trial version which is fully functional lasts 30 days.
  • The full versions costs $299.00 USD (Windows) and $99.00 USD (Mac)
What platform is it available on?

There are two versions, and the features are different – one for Mac and one for Windows.