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Nov 022010
So…What is Odesk.com?

oDesk is the marketplace for online workers.  Employers can easily hire online workers and track their time and performance.  Employees are guaranteed that they will get payment for each hour they work.

How do I get Started with Odesk?

If you are an online worker visit http://odesk.com and create an account.  Post your profile and start searching for a job.  If you are an employer visit http://odesk.com and create an account.  Post a job.

What Will it Cost Me?

Regardless of whether you are an online worker or employer, signing up for an account will cost you nothing.  However for online workers, they will only received 90% of their total contract price or salary since 10% of their total salary or contract price will be deducted by oDesk. However, because employees know this they tend to ask for hourly rates 10% higher than what they really want, which means it is not unusual to see someone asking for amounts like $11.11 per hour, as $1.11 will be withheld by oDesk.

What platform is it available on?

There are desktop applications as well as the browser and they work on both MAC and PC.