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Nov 082010
So…What is shortens long URLs making it easy for you and your website visitors to access your site. It is good for twitter users as it reduces the number of characters required for the URL. Also you can use to keep track of clicks to your site.

How do I get Started with

Visit and sign-up for an account.  Copy your long URL and paste it and you will be given a shorter version.

What Will it Cost Me?

Nothing, it’s free.

What platform is it available on?

MAC and PC users can access

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Oct 182010
So…What is iStockPhoto? provides ready-made images for your website, advertising or promotional materials created by their community members. Aside from images you can also purchase vector illustrations, videos, music and sound effects.

How do I get Started with iStockPhoto?

Visit In the search box type in the keyword of the picture, video, music, or vector illustration you are searching for.  Choose the size of the image and pay with the required credits.

What Will it Cost Me?

It depends on the plan and the credit requirement of the image.  An image may cost from 1 to 10 credits depending on the size of the image.  There are three plans available; Pay as you go, Subscription and Corporate Accounts.  For Pay as you go each credit costs USD 0.95, for Subscription each credit costs USD 0.24 and for Corporate Accounts USD 0.29 per credit.

What platform is it available on?

MAC and PC users can access

Kuler Adobe

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Sep 132010
So…What is Kuler Adobe?

Kuler is a web-hosted application by Adobe used for generating color themes.  You can browse and get inspiration from different color themes created by other members of the Kuler community.

How do I get Started with Kuler?

Visit and browse for colors schemes.  Or if you want to create and share your own color pallets then click ‘Register’ to become a member of the community.

What Will it Cost Me?

Kuler is free.

What platform is it available on?

It is compatible with Mac and PC, though it does require that you have the Adobe Flash Player installed.

Create an Affordable Website with WordPress

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May 032010
So…What is WordPress?

Before you go ahead and spend thousands of dollars on a website, consider using WordPress instead. Though it was initially designed for bloggers WordPress is now widely used by organizations to create affordable and professional looking websites. It can be tricky to figure out so you may want to hire someone to customize a theme for you, though even if you choose to do this, it will be at a fraction of the cost of a full blown website designer. Another major advantage is that once the site is up and running, it will be easy for you to add and update web content yourself.

How do I get Started with WordPress?
  1. Find a Web-host that supports WordPress (most do)
  2. Often you can install it through the control panel of your web-host. However, if this is not possible or you’d prefer to do a manual install it can be downloaded from and then uploaded to your website.
  3. Now log into your WordPress site by going to your domain name and clicking Log In. The first thing you should do is install a WordPress Theme, as without one your website is going to look pretty boring. The easiest way to get a theme is by going to Appearance then Add New Themes.
  4. Now you’re ready to get customizing and adding content. This is when it can get tricky, so you might want to hire someone to do it for you – check out for affordable WordPress development services.
What Will it Cost Me?

WordPress is free and so are lots of the themes. You will have to pay if you want a premium or custom theme, or if you decide to hire someone to set it up for you.

What platform is it available on?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac or a PC user, because WordPress is installed on to your web-hosts server and you access it online. As long as your hosting provider says you can run it that is all you should need to know.